Redesigned Lotus Evora 400 Super Car

Lotus Evora 400 Super Car launches today. A name that refers to the power that hides its central engine with 3. 5 liter V6 supercharger. The Lotus Evora 400 is practically new, from head to toe, from design, to the cabin, through the engine and chassis. New and improved.
A few weeks ago one Lotus Evora 400 left before our spy photographers caught. Today has confirmed the arrival of the new Lotus. The Lotus Evora 400 has been redesigned and manufactured almost entirely. It is almost new, and to view the calendar and in all its splendor will have to wait very little, in just two weeks, the Geneva 2015.
Lotus Evora 400 Engine
The name 400 refers to the power that is capable of releasing this new Evora. They are 400 hp supercharged V6 squeezed a block with 3. 5 liter engine. At that power is complemented with torque which is estimated at 410 Nm of torque. This ensures that the Lotus takeoff to 100 km / h in just 4. 2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 300 Km / h.
With data in hand we see that the Evora 400 is better than its predecessor in every parameter. This is thanks to increased power and reduced weight, 22 kilograms less. But this will not only be achieved with power and lightness, but the whole must be accompanied by an enhanced mechanics to keep the car under control.
Therefore Lotus engineers have modified the whole structure, suspension, steering, and braking equipment in Evora 400. Even the exhaust has been revised, now including an active system that is controlled from the center console. Right next door is the driving mode dial, three in this case: Drive, Race and Sport, each more radical and social benefits as above.
To transmit all the strength and power to the rear wheels, it has become to opt for a manual has been reviewed and overhauled to be able to withstand the increased power. Optionally you can choose an automatic transmission. The rear axle is equipped one Torsen differential, which ensures excellent grip and a great capacity for controlled slip.
Lotus Evora 400 Design
We must also talk about design in the Lotus Evora 400. Although not the main factor that matters, it is true that this time has been improved. Although basically the same line and silhouette, the new Evora has grown 3. 5 inches in length. At the same time it has reduced the angle of attack of the car, which favors the aerodynamics thereof.
In terms of exterior design is remarkable the evolved form of the typical front grille Lotus. Besides incorporating type LED daytime running lights and large side air intakes. In the rear were added improved aerodynamic features, such as spoiler and a major new diffuser. The improvement is substantial, since all capable of generating 32 kg load at 240 Km / h.
Lotus Evora 400 Interior
The interior of the Lotus has always been pretty spartan. Its sole purpose is to get the driver to focus on driving, so it has never been overrun of retail items. However the Evora 400 unveiled a cabin at first seems to be very well finished. Quality materials such as leather dominate most of the surfaces.
The ergonomics and comfort has been improved, which is remarkable the presence of an air conditioning. Access to the rear, purely testimonial plazas, has also worked. But these changes do not affect the objective of the Lotus Evora 400 and that is none other than running. It will be manufactured in England in Hethel plant at a rate of 70 units a week.