Kitchen Countertop Materials Choices

Kitchen Countertop Materials Choices – The various stone, crushed glass and solid material countertops cost considerably more than either laminate or tile. However, they provide for countertops that will outlast the home that they are in. Here are some of the best choices for your countertop.
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Granite is one of the most desirable, but also one of the most expensive countertop materials available today. They provide for a unique countertop, which is very elegant. Since the surface is smooth and non-porous, they are highly resistant to stains and easily cleaned. Being stone, they are highly durable. Most vendors will not sell you the granite to install yourself, but include cost of installation as part of the square foot price.
Engineered Stone
Engineered stone is typically crushed quartz, that is then bound together to make an extremely rugged stone countertop with much of the beauty of granite, at a considerable savings. They are scratch, stain, mold and mildew resistant. Because these are engineered stone products, the color and pattern is more consistent than granite, allowing for matching your existing countertop in any future additions.
Tile provides much of the durability of stone countertops at a considerably lower price. Due to the wide variety of tile available on the market, you can be highly creative, adding mosaic type accents, angled patterns, and even mixing different tile patterns to produce the look you desire. Unlike stone and Corian® countertops, you can install a tile countertop yourself. The one precaution necessary is to thoroughly seal the grout, as to not cause a place for mold, mildew and bacteria to grow.
Corian ®

Technically known as “solid surface counters” Corian and other similar trade named products take the concept of laminate countertops and go one step further. This engineered material has the color and pattern all the way through the material, allowing edges to be milled, drain trays to be carved into the material and even sinks to be produced as a seamless part of the countertop. Most vendors will not sell you solid surface counters for you to install, but will only work through their contractor.