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Fiat 500 Vintage ’57, a new car with classic or retro model. Fiat is willing to bring a bit of memory and its success story in current models, and the Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 comes with lots of flavor ‘retro’. Paying tribute to the classic 1957 model, the Fiat 500 Vintage is presented in the 2015 Geneva Motor Show as a special edition, and will go on sale immediately.
New Fiat at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 comes loaded with nostalgic air and pure attractive ‘retro’. This is the Fiat 500 Vintage ’57, paying homage to the original icon, also presented at the Geneva auto show in 1957, almost six decades ago, and that shaped the familiar and timeless design signed by Dante Giacosa.
With the Fiat 500 Vintage ’57, we have a reinterpretation of the classic model based on the current 500, and will be available from this month of March 2015. Indeed, maybe the model sound like nothing else I see, is that since last year, the Geneva 2014, provided that Fiat Fiat 500 Vintage 1957 as a prototype display.

Now the model, with small changes in the plane finally arrives aesthetic production, and it seems incredible that Fiat is not decided before marketing it.
The Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 gets more purely a style that marked time in the sixties, with a ‘retro’ look that stands out for its color Pastel Blue and alloy wheels 16 inch black and chrome finish, inspired design metal hubcaps the original model.
Fiat 500 Vintage Passenger Seat
Fiat 500 Vintage 1957
Fiat 500 Vintage Colours
Fiat 500 Vintage Wheels
Fiat 500 Classic Car
Fiat 500 Vintage Poster
Its roof, mirrors and rear spoiler contrast in white, while the interior of the 500 Vintage ’57 stands out for its dash in white leather and leather Frau and brown snuff. Another detail that will please the purists of 500 fans are vintage Fiat logos present on the outside and on the steering wheel, and are identical to the Nuova 500 in 1957.
Among the equipment of the Fiat 500 Vintage ’57 find manual climate control, Blue & Me hands-free, CD radio with MP3, ESP stability control and seven airbags. This list could vary for Spain, and even add more standard features, but will in the coming weeks when we know in detail its price and equipment.

This special edition will be available from March, with several engines: gasoline have 69 hp 1. 2 or 0. 9 TwinAir two-cylinder, in powers of 65 hp, 85 hp or 105 hp, while diesel only option is the 1. 3 MultiJet 95 hp.
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